El Pelado

A tribute to

Mario Moreno

There’s really no point on talking about Cantinflas, since no matter what one says, it is inevitably going to fall short.

While doing this painting, I felt my heart inflamed with affection. And that’s what Cantinflas produces: warmth in the heart … and Latin pride.


His influence is such that verbs and adjectives were born from his genius acting and stage name. Words like «cantinflesco«, «cantinflismo» or «cantinflear«, which describe the way of acting of the character, are now part of the lexicon recognized by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. If that’s not being great, I mean, huge, then I don’t know what is.


And the recognition of his artistic career is not to be underestimated, because not only he’s compared to Charlie Chaplin as his Mexican equivalent, but Chaplin himself once said that Cantinflas was the best comedian alive.


Evidently, the above comparison is accurate, since Cantinflas, like Chaplin, was a comedian, actor, screenwriter and producer. A multi-talented genius, without a doubt. However, I find it important to clarify that, like Chaplin, Cantinflas is second to none. Two monumental but quite different geniuses whose legacy will live on forever and will be impossible to beat.


While doing this work, I watched some of his movies and burst out laughing at every nonsense that my dear Cantinflas let out of his mouth. I also tenderly remembered my beloved grandmother because Cantinflas was her favorite, and consequently, he gave her endless hours of happiness and laughter. That is something that, personally, I will always be grateful to him.


Mario Moreno, which was his real name, was a man who through his work drew the reality of Mexican society, which is the reality of all Latin American countries. His jokes, which at heart were also critical, made him become the image of the Mexican everyman, and in response, his audience found in his which they gave him so much gratitude and admiration.


Making the tribute «El Pelado» made me enormously happy. I’m very fortunate to be able to use my hands to show the gratitude and respect that I have for this man. Cantinflas is eternal. And he will be eternally loved.