Forever 27

A tribute collection to

The 27 Club

It has broken my heart to make this collection. Although I did it with love and respect, the paint was mixed with my pain and a piece of my soul is impregnated in these works.


How vulnerable we are. Behind these characters there are human beings who from one moment to the next became earthly gods and between adulation and loneliness they were consuming their lives at a dizzying pace.


They were victims of the symbiosis of their youth, their talent, their brilliant mind and their fame.


The critics’ fingers strive to point out their mistakes, their addictions, forgetting that behind every single one of them there are human beings who are sons, brothers, parents. These critics not only do not mourn those departed humans but murder them again, with words that become lethal stabs to their legacy.


The typical sensationalism of a cheap tabloid sells, it doesn’t really matter if it also sells the souls of the writers.


It is also important to mention mental health, especially in young people who are just discovering the paths of their lives, because there are pivotal moments when everything changes, everything is different and the speed at which these changes happen makes it impossible to digest situations. Mental health is often directly linked to the use of strong drugs.


I know what it is to suffer from clinical depression while being alone. Because loneliness is sometimes not the absence of people, but the absence of support and understanding, even if you are surrounded by people. This feels like being in the middle of the ocean with a brick tied to your foot. If you add to this being in a transition stage or a desperate situation, that ocean becomes one of acid and it is so, so difficult to fight. I’ve felt this way before, and I don’t even want to imagine this feeling when you’re a young celebrity.


While painting this collection, I also couldn’t help to think about the tireless scourge of drugs and its trafficking. In my country, sadly known for its colossal production of cocaine, thousands have fallen, not so much because of addictions but because of the violence unleashed by the mafias that run this savage business. The stink of these deaths is soon spread by the wind, and will poison consumers in any corner of the world, also victims of this form of lethal shit.



What a miserable killer addiction is. How many wonderful people has it taken from us…


This is my tribute collection to some of those characters that together, are called “The 27 Club”. They will live forever in our memories for their impressive genius and talent. They will forever be 27, but their legacy will never, ever fade. Thanks to them all.