In Laugh We Trust

A tribute collection to

Comedy Pioneers

Laughing is a revolutionary act.


Making others laugh is a heroic act.


This is especially true in a world that, from end to end, has suffered from wars, famines, injustices, and disasters.


Comedy, which in an inscrutable way is linked to genius, is the most powerful defense weapon against brute force. It is the most intelligent form of criticism and exercising it is always an act of courage, if not self-sacrifice.


The people portrayed in these works have had a huge impact on my life, and have impacted millions of lives over time.


Even today, when I am in moments of deep emotional agony, I find it surprisingly therapeutic to look at the movies and episodes of television series in which these characters left their art embodied for eternity. Even today feeling sad, I can’t control my laughter watching their performances.


None of them are alive today. But their legacy is timeless, and their messages remain as relevant now as ever.


This collection was made with immense love and absolute respect. This collection is a posthumous tribute to their work, and one of many expressions to keep their legacy alive among younger generations.