Overalls and Pearls

A work about


Without a doubt one of my favorite works.


“Overalls and Pearls” is a tribute to feminism. And it is so, so important to me…


Neither feminism nor femininity always look the same. There are as many ways to promote feminism as there are women, just as there are as many ways to be feminine as there are women.


Not all feminists let our armpit hair grow, but we do respect those who want to express themselves in this way. Some women prefer to avoid heavy work because they are not interested, and there are others who feel like a fish in the sea with a drill in hand. We are all equal women, and almost all of us are equal feminists.


Neither gender nor movement is defined by a stereotype of a woman.


In this work, I mixed one of the most feminine portraits in art, Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, with the most famous poster of women as workers in the industrial sector, which has been historically predominantly male.


The Wonder Woman emblem is the icing on the cake: no matter how we dress, who we are, how we speak, we are all powerful, strong and beautiful. And we can all achieve absolutely everything we want. And we are doing it. We are little by little conquering the rights of which we’ve been deprived. And yet, there’s a long way to go, and we will always be stronger together. 


Of course we can do it, of course we will do it, but we need to do it together.