Psychedelic Genius

A tribute to

Jimi Hendrix

What the hell happened to Hendrix, and why the hell we don’t talk about it more?



Before I start, let me make two clarifications: first, that I don’t usually believe in conspiracy theories. Second, that I don’t usually blame others for another individual’s fate. For example, I didn’t talk about Amy Winehouse’s partner when I wrote about her tribute.


But with Hendrix, it’s different. I truly believe that he was murdered and I truly believe that the person who ruined his life and his sanity even before he died was Michael Jeffery.



The pressure that Jeffery put him under kept him dead alive for a long time, and I’m sorry to use this term, especially because Jimi was African American and lived in a very difficult time for Black society in the United States, but this man literally enslaved Hendrix.



While Hendrix was out of pockets, Jeffery was swimming in the money he stole from Jimi.



If it is true that Jimi Hendrix was murdered, then he died under torture, drowning while liters of wine were forced into his lungs.



We have to bear in mind that at that time there was a fight against racial segregation, and intelligence programs were underway to weaken social movements and leaders that could be “problematic”. It was an extremely complex time at the hands of someone extremely incapable: Nixon.



It is excruciatingly painful that the lines I write to this tribute are not lines of adulation to Hendrix’s incredible genius, but lines in search of the justice I feel was denied to him.


I think it’s never too late for the truth and that we owe it to his legacy and to the music industry for an answer to the twisted theory of his murder, which makes a lot more sense than his accidental death.



As for Hendrix, I can say that he is a delicacy for the eyes, and an elixir for the ears. I’m not a musician, so I couldn’t expand on his technical genius. Just listen to successful and famous guitarists talk about Hendrix’s talent like someone talking about God.


His style, on the other hand, delights me. Seeing Jimi Hendrix on stage is truly entering into a mesmerizing, psychedelic, surreal experience.



It is with deep pain that I write these lines, and I fall short because there is so much to say. I just hope that in honor of his legacy and his life, the truth comes out.