Soup for Two

A tribute to

Charlie Chaplin

The genius of Charlie Chaplin will always be remembered through his magnificent works and the innumerable tributes that have been paid to him and to his creations, throughout the world.



The ingenuity with which he exposed, again and again, the nonsense of politics and war through satire and ridicule, made life more bearable for those who observed him in the wartime in which he lived. I think it is fair to say that to this day, he continues to make us question through his incomparable humor, the social problems derived from the policies of the rulers.



In my opinion, a legend. The greatest artist, director, producer and screenwriter… and an absolute genius of politics.



Although his legacy has been tainted with his sexual behaviors and preferences, his relevance in the world of arts is indisputable.



I confess that I think that while the road is still long, the environment for women today is much different from that in which Charlie lived.


Male gender behaviors that were questionable at the time are unacceptable today. And I am glad for that. However, I have chosen not to demonize his creative genius, objectively acknowledging his grave predilections. I choose to absorb the perfect side of his human imperfection, and learn from the positive piece of his legacy.



So, «Soup for two» is inspired by his work and positive legacy. I took a scene from the movie «The Kid” to make this tribute to his genius, to his critic approach on politics, and his humanistic messages behind his works.



The point behind my piece is very simple: Share. Share to make the world a better place. Share whatever you can: a smile, your knowledge, your humor, your talent, a piece of bread. Sharing is the act that gives life to hope; yesterday, today and always.