Stooge Up!

A tribute to

The Three Stooges

Perhaps what I most admire about The Three Stooges, is that despite not having been acclaimed by critics at the time, and despite the unfavorable and ever-changing circumstances throughout their career, they never stopped believing in themselves nor did they stop to work hard in their act. Against all odds, they became iconic and to this day, they thrive on American and global television.


Their satirical number, which could often seem so light, was actually a constant critique of shameful social divisions, the gut-wrenching deprivations of the Great Depression, and war. Humor, as I have always said, is the most intelligent form of rebellion and opposition.


«Stooge Up!» is a tribute to these men, and to their artistic and social legacy. I think one of the biggest lessons this number has left us, is that you may not be the best. But you can always work hard to be. Eventually, you may be the best, if not for everyone, at least for someone.


Let us all “stooge up”, at least a bit… at least for once.