the work

Having been born in a country immersed in an internal war, I have found hope in the very place where the problem lies: the people.


Through the years I have realized that conflict has been a shameful constant in human history, not only in my country of origin, but throughout the world. However, thankfully, so has been art, music, science, philanthropy.


These currents and movements have made it possible for broken hearts to heal, and have accompanied sufferers in what sometimes feels like a very sick, vicious world.  

My art, which is a tribute expression, shows imperfect characters whose legacy, in one way or another, has succor us-the anonymous ones-to escape from reality, to be more tolerant and understanding, to find agreements in the difference, to be better in our own imperfection. To see the light in the darkest of times.

Each of the characters on my canvases are proof that there is exceptionality in ephemeral humanity. Some, if not most of them, have been controversial fellows. In fact, many of these personalities have been judged with unrelenting severity, severity that other mere mortals will never know, but that somehow they feel worthy of imparting.

But fame comes hand in hand with controversy. The thing is that, in reality, far from being deities, these people have been imperfect geniuses. And like them, there are geniuses in the shadows who feed off their legacy to make this world a better place.


It is what I call «the ray of perfection». I would love everyone to understand that among us there is none perfect, but there is perfection in all of us. In that ray of perfection is hope. And I make hope visible through my art.


All my paintings except one are made with acrylic paint on canvas.


Although Pop Art is characterized by the freedom of use of methods and media, my works are done in a traditional way.


Of course, this involves spending 50, 100, 200 hours or more in front of a canvas. However, the slow process of making a completely opaque artwork, brushstroke after brushstroke, is part of the tribute I make to each and every one of the protagonists of my pieces.
It is a process that I enjoy infinitely and that is part of my creative concept.