Unconventional Beauty

A tribute to

Amy Winehouse

Art is not always noble, and it does not always reflect the best of the artist’s soul, nor is it intended to help the viewer transcend.



Sometimes art is just a means of making money, and that’s why some artists use cheap tabloid sensationalism to create pieces that generate a lot of noise but don’t elevate us as humanity.



Fortunately, Amy Winehouse has received countless tributes imbued with respect and admiration, and those hostile representations focused on the darkest tones of her existence are in the minority.



What can there be in the soul of a journalist or an artist who forgets that celebrities are human beings, someone’s children and brothers, people before icons? I despise the sensationalism that only exists to feed the social morbidity that leads us into the decline of civilizations.



I am glad to know that as an artist, I work to honor the beautiful and exceptional legacy of people. And I have a clear conscience because my motivation is to bring love to humanity.



I titled this work “Unconventional Beauty”, and that’s what Amy is. Unconventional.



Unconventional lyrics. Unconventional music. Unconventional physical features. An unconventional look. And, in her rarity, she was exceptionally beautiful.



She showed us that it is possible to be different and successful. That beauty is multiform and that standards are banal inventions of societies in decline.



Sadly, it also showed us that passion is a double-edged sword. Because Amy did everything with an unbridled passion that gushed out of her small body. She sang with passion, she composed with passion, she loved with passion, and she gave herself with passion. And I feel like it was because of that passion that she met her own demons, the ones that took her from us so giddily.



I refuse to judge her. It would be petty to focus on her stumbles, when her legacy to art is vastly greater and relevant.



I refuse to judge her. Because we are all vulnerable and deeply imperfect.


I refuse to judge her. Because I am the daughter of a mother for whom, before being an artist, I am a little piece of her being.



Thank you, Amy, thank you, “daddy’s girl”. Thank you for being an unconventional beauty who taught us that to be timelessly great, you don’t have to be or look like the others, but rather completely different.