A tribute to

Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx is just timeless. About 50 years ago, Woody Allen said that Groucho’s outrageous unsentimental disregard for order will be just as funny a thousand years from now. I totally agree.


Groucho’s wittiness and resourceful creativity are phenomena that occur rarely… if ever, it may happen every few generations. But even with new comedians, Groucho will remain eternal, and will also be so physically thanks to his disguise, used incautiously by millions of people who probably don’t even know what it means.


Comedy would not be the same today without the audacity, courage and ingenuity of Groucho Marx. That is why I have made this tribute to the most iconic and great of comedians.


“Wittiest” is a tribute to the individual and the brilliant brain behind the glasses and greasy mustache.